Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Stash #72

It is not as if you haven't already seen enough striped fabrics here this week, however as many of my striped fabrics have emerged from my stash I thought I would show you some of my basic stripes.

Narrow striped fabrics,
in a single repeat and single color
alternating with a white stripe.

Wider striped fabrics,
these are "Clown Stripe" by Michael Miller

Simple stripes are a classic stash addition that will never go out of date; always a safe option for adding a striking and eye catching effect to your quilt, particularly useful as a binding fabric.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. I am always nervous using stripes IN a quilt b/c I am worried it will end up crooked (some of us do not have surgical precision with their presser foot & needle like you!) but I love love love a stripy binding.

  2. I just did my first striped binding and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to anything else! It just looked so good. Loving your stripy collection ;)

  3. To me, spots and stripes are the Little Black Dress of the quilt world, and single colour + white stripes are the best of all.

  4. Stripes are great. Agreed - they're wonderful for binding. I have an ongoing collection of stripes just for that purpose.

  5. I've just left a comment on your Flickr photo, asking if these were intended for bindings! I'm getting to know your style, Rita. I had never thought of using stripes, spots and checks for bindings until I saw your quilts & now do it all the time which I think has made the quilts look more striking. Thank you for your inspiration.

  6. I too would be worried that I got wonky stripes...will have to keep practising! Wish I had such a lovely stash of material as you.

  7. Lovely stripes!

  8. I don't have nearly enough stripes...I must get some very, very soon!! Thanks for inspiring me :)

  9. Very inspiring. When you add fabrics to your stash such as stripes, how much do you purchase? Thank you for sharing your stash photos.


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