Friday, September 3, 2010


It's been a wonderful day!  I have today managed to get behind the sewing machine in daylight hours, which just hasn't happened all week.  As you can see:  Quilting, quilting, quilting, straight line, straight line ...

And for a change I have attached the quilt label to the front of the quilt much like Andi does.   It means having to remember to sew the label on before basting the quilt, something which is not yet part of my regular routine.

The quilting is going well;  it is slow and steady, and is adding much character to the quilt.  I hope to show you more soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow--from piecing to quilting so fast. Can't wait to see it done.

    Where did you get your labels?

  2. Hi Dree - thank you for your comment. I purchased my custom labels on Etsy -

    However I believe that Anna has stopped printing custom labels. You may like to contact Anna directly.


  3. Beautiful! The quilting is amazing to an already beautiful quilt!

  4. I made my first straight-line quilting on one of the trio toddler quilts am making for my three little people between 2-3yo.

  5. I just love your straight line stitching - if I ever start to machine quilt I will being doing as you do.

  6. It's so nice to do something you enjoy in the daylight hours. Feels like a holiday to me when I manage to sew in the day. Enjoy!

  7. my walking foot is my best friend...i am much better at and prefer straight line. i am not very good at any other kind

  8. It is getting more and more beautiful!
    I try to always attach the label before quilting.
    Was curious how this will be quilted and love the front and printy label as much as the quilting ;)

  9. Quilting coming along beautifully.
    Thanks for the linky love.
    Andi x

  10. This is going to be another lovely quilt - great colours and quilting as usual!

  11. Your straight line quilting inspires me to replicate it on my most recent piece.


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