Monday, August 9, 2010

Bee Imaginative - July and August 2010

I have spent some time getting up to speed with the Bee Imaginative virtual quilting bee.

July blocks for Ryan - Ryan asked for Asterisks blocks (made using this nifty tutorial).
These Asterisk blocks initially looked quite complicated to piece, but once I got started they really were very easy and came together rather quickly.

August blocks for Kate - Kate asked for a simple square in a square block. 

Kate's blocks will be used to make a Bento Box quilt.  Each block Kate receives will be cut into quarters, rearranged and pieced together again.  Lots of examples of Bento Box Quilts can be seen on Flickr. (absolutely love Kate's choice of fabrics!)

More Bee Imaginative block swappers here.


  1. Wow those asterisk blocks are very cool. The contrasting coloras really pops.

  2. **love the asterisks!!**


  3. WOW! Rita, love those asterisk blocks! I have wanted to make these for a long time! Could you tell us where you found the tutorial? Thanks, Susan

  4. Love those asterisk blocks & Kates blues always make me swoon .


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