Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Stash #56

Because ...
I've made a mess of my red fabric stash this week
and I still haven't tidied it up yet,
I am fussy about the kind of red fabric that I like
and therefore is the "smallest" pile of fabrics of all the colors,
and I do love red.

From left to right they are:
  • Kei Honeycomb in Red
  • Dotted Vine, Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt
  • Peony in Red by Kaffe Fassett
Both the Dotted Vine and Red Peony fabrics are now a rare find, and although I have a fairly limited stash (down to less than a fat quarter of the Kaffe Peony!) of both, I do use them rather than keep stashed.

Sure!  Fabric is for stashing, but more so for using and enjoying.


  1. Yes, I agree stash your fabrics so that you can sort through them to use!

  2. Wish I was quilting when the Flea Market Fancy came out!

  3. I love the red and white quilt. May I ask what is the name of the fabric with the birds on a wire? I think it makes the quilt. The whole thing makes me smile!

  4. Hi Lydia

    The bird fabric is by: Pippijoe - and is called "Laundry Birds".

    You can purchase it here:

    You can also see more of it here:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. there is something to be said for having a stash...these are lovely reds. my favorite is the flea market fancy

  6. Beautiful reds! What is it about summer that brings out the reds? Seems like I'm seeing them everywhere right now!

  7. I love those reds! I totally agree fabric is more fun to use then stash.
    I thought you'd get a kick out the fact I have finally finished my quilt along quilt from last year.!!!! I got way layed on the back. I made a post on my page is you want peek.

  8. Love that fabric. I too have such a small stash of red. Its hard to find great prints (for me anyway)

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  10. Love the reds and your gorgeous coin quilt in the post below !

  11. That dotted vine pattern is exquisite!

  12. Good for you for using your pretty fabrics. Then you really get to enjoy them when you see them in your gorgeous quilts!

  13. I agree, yet it can be hard to cut into your favourites!

  14. Those are great reds!!! (I'm fussy about reds, too -- even in the reds that I might wear).

  15. Such great fabric. I have lots of reds, but neither of those...but I found a source for some old Kaffe that I'm going to check out. Also I want to check on the Laundry Birds as I really like what you did with those too.

  16. I feel the same way about my reds--I love red, but it's always the smallest pile in my stash. When I find a good red, true, bright cherry red, or a vibrant lipstick red, I buy it in a fair quantity, because they are so few and far between.


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