Friday, June 25, 2010

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Now that the school holidays have commenced it has been a week of late nights and slow mornings.  I love having the teens at home, with leisurely late lunches (like 3 pm!) and a lack of structure and routine.  The  last few days, however, I have sorely missed my sewing machine whilst it was being serviced.

Thankfully my local sewing machine repair and service center, the Camberwell Sewing Centre were very understanding of my "plight" and again took care of my machine with expediency, and it now hums like a brand new machine. 

In the meantime though I had the use of a borrowed sewing machine ( my sister's Bernina Activa whilst she seeking out quilting inspiration and patchwork stores in Europe) and have enjoyed piecing  another simple Little Folks Baby Quilt.  This time I have made a little baby girl quilt with lots of pink and even a touch of purple.

 Little Folks Voile by Anna Maria Horner

I thought it wise to stick with something familiar and manageable with a strange sewing machine.  Although the borrowed machine is the same brand, I felt like a sewing novice using this smaller machine.  The first hiccup came when I needed to wind a bobbin -  eventually I worked out (with the help of the internet) that a simple press of the foot pedal solved the inaction of the bobbin winder!  Mmmm too simple.

Of course a pretty pink quilt does need pretty threads, which has meant a quick dash to The Lazy Daisy - Needlework Specialist, where I discovered a huge range of Perle8 thread in stock, and now more in my stash!  These will keep me entertained for what promises to be a rainy weekend.

For inspiration you will find many more Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo.  Thanks Kirsty!


  1. Those colours look just lovely! I really must stock upon some perle no8!! Justine xx

  2. another beautiful quilt ... you just keep churning them out. I'm always so envious.
    My Creative Space

  3. I'm loving the look of all the perle cotton, can't wait to start quilting my hexagon quilt with it. I feel it may be a new addiction...

  4. Hi Rita,
    Just gorgeous (again)!!

    My Little Folks voile is all pieced - ready for basting... We will be back in Melbourne for the school holidays next week so I will be heading to Lazy Daisy for some Perle 8 - very convenient as it is in the next suburb to my mum's house (our Melbourne home!!)

    Once again, thanks for your inspiration and happy sewing for the wintry weekend - hate to tell you that we had bright sunny day today here in Perth, albeit a little chilly (0.1 degree this morning).
    Best regards, Christine

  5. Such a pretty quilt! I really need to make one of these.... And those perle cottons - yummy!!

  6. love those colors!!

  7. I love the girly colors. I especially love the pops of yellow.

  8. I'm glad you found a temp replacement machine. It's hard to be away from sewing for long :).

  9. haha, you forgot that we used to have to tell the machine to wind our bobbins? too funny! I'm sure it won't be long before I've forgotten completely as well.

  10. Yay! I love pink!
    Oh, please have your sister share any great shops she finds! I'm going to London, Paris, and Rome next Spring, so tips would be appreciated. :)

  11. Another lovely quilt. The colors are wonderful. We would love to see what your sister brings home. :)


  12. Loved the picture of the perle cotton. I just recently started hand quilting again. I don't think I will return to fine hand quilting because I love the look and the colors of the perle cotton and larger stitches so much.

  13. Just lovely! Can't wait to see it all Perled x

  14. Your photos are so pretty! Gorgeous voiles, surely the softest baby patchwork to be had :)


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