Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Well almost wordless as surely you want to know more about these fabrics:
From left to right -
1.  Lace Fans by Teagan Rose - Ink and Spindle
2.  Acacia by Lara Cameron - Ink and Spindle
3.  Dragonfly Garden by Kirsten Doran
4.  Sumor by Bianca van Meeuwen -Hollabee
5.  Daisies by Pippijoe
6.  Orchard by Pippijoe
7.  Delft by Bianca van Meeuwen - Ink and Spindle
8.  Laundry Birds by Pippijoe
9.  Delft by Bianca van Meeuwen -Hollabee 


  1. All very beautiful and fresh!

  2. love all of these!!!!!!!!

  3. i want that exact set! so beautiful and light

  4. these fabrics are gorgeous!!! so cheerful and fun. also, thanks for putting me on the blogs this week list...that is so cool!!!!

  5. Beautiful fabrics, and they look so good together - do you have something in mind that uses them together?

  6. So beautiful and fresh. What is it about hand-printed fabrics? They just ooze beauty...can't take my eyes off them! You have one of my faves of the moment in there...Pippijoe's Laundry's so quirky and cool

  7. There is a low volume quilt there... Thanks for some new introductions.

  8. Really pretty fabrics! Such a clean, fresh look!

  9. Love those fabrics. You are feeding an addiction here. Quick, someone take my credit cards away! ;)


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