Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Books - 1 -

Just to mix things up a little I thought that today instead of the regular Sunday Stash I would throw in a book review.  

Sarah from Kit-Bik Quilts recently suggested Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston as a book that I would enjoy.  Sarah was absolutely right - it arrived earlier this week - and  I have found that much of what Gwen has written I can relate to, and have previously applied in the process of my own quilt making.

Gwen Marston is a professional quilt maker, author and teacher.  Gwen's signature free style and liberated quilts have encouraged quilters to be fearless.  It has changed our thinking beyond the traditional quilt and offers a design process rather than a pattern.  

Liberated Quiltmaking II gives you a new quilting perspective.  A way to make your own unique quilts, knowing that you do not need to plan the entire quilt before you start sewing; designing without the rules.  I love some of Gwen's advice, in particular that it is harder to make a mistake than you think, and to trust yourself when choosing colors.  It really is very liberating to let go of all those quilt making rules!

 A snippet of Mexican Hat Dance by Gwen Marston, 2008

This is my first introduction to Gwen's Liberated Quiltingmaking, and I was not disappointed with the content of the book. Gwen's color intuition and design ideas are inspiring, her technique encourages you to think outside of the square, to work independently and with confidence.   

 A snippet of Liberated Sawtooth in Bars by Gwen Marston, 2009

Liberated Quiltmaking II is full of creative ideas that I really want to try out.  The different techniques and processes are all accompanied with a step-by-step guide, including clear diagrams and "what if" scenarios.  Thanks Sarah!  I am so very pleased with your book suggestion - it is colorful, inspiring and indeed liberating.


  1. I've been stalking that book for a little while and was thinking of buying it this weekend since I have a coupon... Thanks for your review cos now I'll definitely get it! :)

  2. I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and it is definitely worth the money! A lot of great ideas, very inspirational, and very liberating.

  3. haha! how funny. i just got her first book liberated quiltmaking from the library today and am soo in love... was going to do a review on my blog...
    can't wait to get the second one..

  4. I recently took the Denyse Schmidt workshop and then purchased this book along with some others and it's really changed the style of work I am doing..
    I love this book!
    Your review was so good- thanks for sharing the love!

  5. A little over a year ago I took a class from Gwen and her friend, Freddy Moran. It was 5 days of enlightenment, hard thinking, work, and delight. The two of them are awesome teachers and my quilting world was turned upside down.
    Just picked up Gwen's new book as well, and every time I open it, I get a little thrill, thinking of all the projects I want to do!

  6. Looks like a fantastic book Rita! Have a good weekend x

  7. Gwen's style is legendary! I think she's been a pioneer in free and wonky quilting. My mom, sister and aunt and I all went to one of her retreats years ago -- we've been joking that we should all go again this year since it will be the 20th anniversary of our original trip!

  8. Hi Rita, I'm so glad you enjoyed LQII! I absolutely can not wait to see how you interpret her ideas in your own work. Cheers, Sarah

  9. So glad you have discovered Gwen! I was lucky enough to take part in one of her Workshops on Liberated String quilts(and I've made several more since) a few years ago when she visited our Quilting Group in NZ. Fantastic lady & SUPERB teacher! I also saw Freddy Moran on "Simply Quilts" which used to be on Sky in NZ(programmes now, sadly, no longer made) and loved her work. So when she and Gwen combined forces!!! Well, I had to have their books and try their ideas out. Such fun.

  10. Oh Me Too! Me Too! I'm working on several in her book right now!!

  11. I love her books, and though the quilts are not my style I love the ones she does with Freddy.

  12. I have another book that is along the same idea so I tried this weekend to go for it. I got nervous and put it away. I guess I am not ready for the no rules sewing. Maybe in a few months I will try again.

  13. Isn't that book wonderful? If you can get you hands on the first one -even just borrowing it from the library it is well worth a look too. I'm currently looking for any excuse to use the techniques.


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