Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Books and Magazines

For my birthday I was given a new quilting and patchwork book.  
The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters by Jinny Beyer is a large hardcover book and was on my wish list even before it was published.  It is an encyclopedia of quilt block designs and a comprehensive tool for identifying, drafting and piecing more than 4050 unique blocks.  This books is ideal for designing your own quilt layouts, and for block swap ideas.

All the blocks are analyzed in terms of grids on which they are drawn, which makes it really easy to recreate the block in the desired size and color scheme.  Blocks are grouped together based upon this grid system and their similarity.
For me the only drawback is that the blocks are all featured in Jinny Beyer's signature dark colors.  Luckily I am able to picture the blocks with my own bright and modern color palette, and as such I think it will be a much used design tool.  Definitely a must for my quilt library.

I also love magazines and Studios by Cloth Paper Scissors is no exception and is a magazine of my dreams.  These magazines are full of studio ideas, from design to storage ideas and lighting and makeovers.  They also feature the studios of many well known quilters and artists.  

I am de-stashing these hard to get in Australia magazines.  They are available in my Etsy Store.   SOLD


  1. I love those Studio magazines and hard to come by .

  2. Oh to have a large studio to use some of these ideas in...

  3. I LOVE the Sudios Mags as well. They are a bit easier to come by here in the US, lots of book stores carry them. If you ever want one, let me know - I will ship it!! There is another mag I like too, call Where Women Create, which is based on the book of the same name. It is from the Somerset Studio publishers.

  4. I received the Jinny Beyer book for Christmas. I love how comprehensive it is! I had the opportunity to take a class from her while I lived on the east coast and found her to be a wonderful inspiration!

  5. I have been considering getting the Jinny Beyer book. My link to Jinny: She was chosen as a "quilting legend" by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims on their web show, The Quilt Show. For that honor, she was given a fused glass plaque made by my husband.

  6. I love the Jinny Beyer book! I had her previous collection of blocks, but I much prefer this one. While the blocks are done up in her signature colors, I only use it as a placement guide for lights, darks, and mediums.

  7. What a neat book & a great present to receive. I hope you had a great birthday!

  8. I love those magazines too. Not hard to get here, but boy they're too expensive!


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