Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Stash #36

Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics - very classic and traditional British fabrics, 100% cotton, finely woven, lightweight, soft and durable with the most lovely drape.   These fabrics are ideal for blouses, skirts and sleepwear, but of course for use in special quilts.  

Liberty fabrics are expensive, and therefore somewhat limited in my stash.  Slowly I am building up my own Liberty collection, purchasing the occasional fat quarter.  I have a feeling a pink quilt is in the planning stages in my head.

My collection of pink Liberty was purchased at Patchwork on Central Park.  A good selection is also available online at Calico and Ivy and  Purl Soho.


  1. they are beauties, aren't they? But can be a pain to quilt - stitches can slip, you need a brand new, extra sharp needle. The quilt on our bed is made with all liberty prints, and every night I stroke it and it makes me so happy. Every night my husband looks at me like I'm a lunatic!

  2. i take the same approach to liberty in my stash - fat quarters, collected slowly! i can't wait to see the pink quilt idea come to fruition. i'm certain it will be beautiful!
    essie xxx (of

  3. They're beautiful prints... but exatly how big IS your stash??!!!

  4. Pretty pink liberty fabrics.
    You really know how to make a girl swoon.

  5. The pansies are are good enough to eat! I guess you've seen the whole collection here? Don't know how feesible it is to buy from the UK though?

    Love your gobstopper quilt, btw!

  6. Love the pink Liberty , but I am slightly obsessed with
    these prints.
    I have recently finished a Liberty quilt top in a collection of blues.
    Your gobstopper quilt is fantastic !!

  7. Hi there Rita,
    I hope you've had a lovely summer break too!?
    I've 'tagged' you for a 7 RED things game ... hope you will play ...?


  8. I too love the Liberty Prints and have just made a scrap crib quilt for my baby to be out of pink and blue 16ths from Patchwork on Central Park! I am yet to attach the binding, however. You can check it out if you're interested at
    Cheers, Sarah

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  10. those pinks...they would be great to make a square for this Breast Cancer awareness quilt that Dana at ORBC is making to donate.

    I've already mailed two squares...sure wish I had some of that fabric!:)

  11. Gorgeous fabrics, especially the pansies!

  12. I am obsessed with Liberty fabric. I thought that this store had great prices:

  13. They're lovely. I have a few scrap-sized pieces of the Liberty fabrics. They are so very expensive, I really have to love the print to buy it! :)


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