Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Stash #28

Definition: To fussy cut is to target and cut a specific motif that's printed on fabric, rather than randomly cutting yardage as we normally do.

I found these fabrics at Patchwork House in Melbourne last week, and immediately thought they would not just be a great addition to the fabric stash, but also perfect for fussy cutting.  These Japanese fabrics are manufactured by Lecien and are from the My Folklore range.

I also love to stash magazines, and was happy to get my hands on a copy of Quilting Arts Stitch Magazine Fall 2009.  I might even try my hand at sewing something other than a quilt.  Maybe?  Purchased from the Crafty Girls Workshop on Etsy.

Enjoy Sunday!


  1. Lovely fabrics, I see fabric covered buttons in your future.

  2. Be daring and make a lovely summer tote or similar.

    Lovely stash fabrics :)

  3. Lovely fabrics again - pretty! I have that mag, too - love the bag on the front!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. The My Folklore fabrics are one of my favourites ever. Sooo pretty... and I agree with you abt them being perfect for fussy cutting. Btw I too find it odd sewing anything that's not a quilt these days haha

  5. Beautiful fabric, looks like something to make for xmas witht he red and the folk feel to it, old fashioned xmas. Lots of possiblities for sure.

  6. stunning fabrics. might need to take a trp down that way

  7. I haven't come across the My Folklore in that colorway. I love it.

  8. Hi, This is Anna from Crafty Girls Workshop. I'm so glad you got your magazine and are enjoying it. The photography in there is amazing! Thanks for the link to our shop by the way!


  9. Thanks for the defn. of "fussy cutting" - what a great term - love it!


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