Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tidying up some Loose Ends

Things were feeling a little out of control as my pile of almost finished projects was starting to topple over.  (There is a distinct difference between almost finished and unfinished - my unfinished list is embarrassingly long!).   It was time to get with it, just do it, don't procrastinate!

Remember this quilt?  Pretty in Pink made last month:

 Finished quilt measures 38.5 inches x 45 inches

It now has binding!  A beautiful chocolate brown fabric with dusty pink polka dots, which frames this baby girl quilt just nicely.

And another picture to show you some of the quilting detail.  Straight line, horizontal, quilting with a stitch length of 3.8 mm.  I always use 100% cotton thread, this time a quite dark Gutermann thread as I wanted to feature the quilting lines and the stitching.

 I have updated my Etsy Store to include this quilt.  You can see the listing here.

Next?  The Simple Yet Effective Scarf made with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn (colorway S188) is finished and blocked.  I have discovered that blocking is the secret to making your knitting look great.  It magically smooths out all those uneven stitches, and gives a lovely drape to the finished garment.

This was such an easy and very relaxing knit.  Mindless, no concentration needed, just knit and purl as desired.  This scarf has been added to my knitting projects on Ravelry  where my username is knitknat.

It feels good to have these two projects finished.  Now back to my Star Blocks and their sashing.  More pictures tomorrow.  Have a great sewing day! 


  1. so many nice quilts - I have a pile that need quilting also and must get busy!

  2. You just got to love polka dots!! Finishes this quilt off beautifully! Well done!

  3. The binding really sets off the quilt and I love the noro scarf...looks very comfortable on the lavender.

  4. That's funny you would post about unfinished projects...I was just taking count of what I need to finish and forcing myself to "get on with it"!:)
    By the do you have lavender blooming when it is just starting to be Spring down under?:)....and.....did your fair city feel any affects of the tzunami?

  5. Yay for finished quilts and knits! It always feels good to finish hehe I love the colours on the scarf! I've always seen the Noro yarn at the store but never tried knitting with it. Perhaps I should!

  6. you turn out so many beautiful quilts all the time that it is hard to imagine that there is something that you procrastinate on. This is gorgeous. I love the dark thread for the quilting.

  7. I just love a polka dot binding! And that scarf is gorgeous!

  8. Hooray for finishings!!!
    I've decided that NO SEWING will go on at my place until the house is clean and tidy.
    I really struggle to create in what feels like a cess pit!
    I adore that girly quilt. I'm sure it will be snapped up quickly!
    Andi :-)

  9. Another gorgeous quilt, beautiful quilting and binding. I do love your new scarf.

  10. I love pink and brown together and your binding just frames it all so beautifully. Love the scarf, when did you get time to knit that?! xo

  11. Both are just beautiful! The quilt has the perfect binding on and the scarf is just luscious. Definite perfection going on here. I do understand the difference between almost finished and unfinished and can sympathize.

  12. Gorgeous baby quilt! The brick layout always looks amazing to me :-)
    Pretty scarf too! People who knit always impress me, looks so hard!

  13. My problem is that I don't have the resources to buy more batting until later this year when I get extra discount. I have two ready for sandwich and one to be completed.

  14. I just discovered your blog this morning. Lovely quilts! I am primarily a knitter and am also admiring your SYES. I just finished mine up a few days ago - perfect for the fall weather here in Wisconsin.


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