Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stash #18

This week's new additions - a restock of some favorite thread:

800m Gutermann thread in:
White - 5709
Grey - 618
Beige - 829

Some basic cotton Gutermann thread that I really love piecing and quilting with. I use white thread when piecing with solid white fabrics, grey and beige interchangeably for other fabrics depending on the overall color tone of the fabrics.

I sometimes quilt with Aurifil thread which I think adds a lovely shine to the quilting stitches, but my Janome machine does not seem to like it as much as I do! The bobbin protests loudly by squeaking and jumping, which affects the stitches. I hope my new Bernina takes to Aurifil thread as kindly as I do.

To add a splash of color to this post, I am adding picture of what I have been working on this weekend:

It has been a great week! How was yours?


  1. Your new Bernina will love the Aurfil-at least mine does!!

  2. Never used Aurifil thread but since I have a Janome, perhaps I shouldn't hehe The week's been insane... busy but busy's always good :) Have a great weekend!

  3. the jaffa cake peek is so looks great. i love using gutterman thread.

  4. Of course it's been a great week for you--you got a new sewing machine! It's been a great week for me, too.

  5. I never thought a photo of thread would make my knees wobble but yours just did! Hope your new Bernie is performing as expected!

  6. You will love your Bernina. It's great with all kind of threads, I love the mine!

  7. I stocked up on the same just the other day! My machine sadly doesn't like Kingt Tut for FMQing as it prefers 50wt, so I've just ordered a load of Aurifil to try. Something else to try for straight-line quilting is QA machine embroidery thread. SL has it for about $2/1000m (I found it in multipacks away frm the other sewing threads) and it was recommended to me by a professional quilter.

  8. the thread pic....I'm new to this FMQ thing and the great thing that happened this week is I figured out how to use my walking foot! I have been looking at it for a while and been a little scared of it and there were no instructions so I put it on and it wasn't right. Then I went to this quilt-along I have been participating in and plugged in Walking Foot in the search line and whaaala....a thread that explained a couple of hints about using it and I am now having a lot of fun with it!!! I sure think that is exciting.
    By the way, the quilting group is the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along that started with a rail quilt, then a Zig Zag with HSTs and tomorrow we are starting on a wonky log cabin...I am learning sooooo much from them and you!!:)

  9. I always love to use neutrals when piecing. They are great colors to keep around. The quilting on the green quilt is fabulous. I hope you are getting used to your new Bernina!

  10. I couldn't survive without my grey and off-white for piecing. I don't use anything else. And they've been used well this weekend! I finished up all the blocks for a new top. And today is cleaning/organizing day.

  11. I've been busy getting a queen-sized quilt quilted. It's been fun, but shoving the sheer mass around gets tiring. Just one quadrant left though!

  12. Those fun citrusy colors with the green sashing are fantastic! What a cute quilt.

    You will love your new Bernina. I was able to use one for a two-day workshop I took back in June, and I was sold--I ended up splurging and bringing one home with me. I don't get to sew nearly as much as I'd like to, but when I do, that machine is pure joy! So far, it's done everything I've asked it to, and more! Have fun!!!

  13. My Bernina loves Aurifil - sure yours will too! I use the thinner one that comes on the orange spools. You might try changing the needle size if you try it again on your Janome. Happy sewing!


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