Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stash #17

Whatever happened to Blue and Green should never be seen together?

I love the blue and green color combination, and these are more of my favorite fabrics. Unfortunately these fabrics are no longer being printed and are pretty hard to get your hands on.

From left to right:
  1. Katie Jump Rope - Blue Dots by Denyse Schmidt which arrived this week, with thanks to Jessica from Twin Fibers for a great fabric swap!
  2. Flea Market Fancy - Green Dots by Denyse Schmidt
  3. Peas and Carrots - Blue Pez Ovals by Sandy Klop for Moda
I have also chosen the green center fabric as binding for the Scrap Quilt that I made this week. Here is a little sneak peek with more pictures to follow on Monday.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and have perhaps had a chance to do some sewing.


  1. I love the green as your quilt binding, it looks like it sets of your quilt beautifull!

  2. yes that binding is wonderful!

    I just swapped myself for some grn/blu dot.Its so great!

    your sunday stash is jsur great!

  3. Nature is blue and green, the ocean, the sky and trees, and these fabrics look great together!
    Looking ofrward to you next quilt!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. I LOVE the blue and green combination -- can't wait to see your next project!

  5. I've never heard that blue/green thing before! I'm glad it isn't against the rules though. Blue and green are also the colors I have the most of along with pink. It's interesting when I look at the colors in my stash, the colors I have the most of I wouldn't have necessarily called my fav's but I guess they really are!

  6. Whoever said blue and green should never be seen together didn't know me. My two favorite colors and I LOVE them together! I second Lurline's comment. :o) Can't wait to see more of your sneak peek.

  7. The combination is meant to be together!! Love the peek!

  8. I have always loved blue and green together =). I love the backing fabric used in your sneak peek.

  9. I have always loved blue and green together, as well as any other colors next to each other on the color wheel. Right now yellow and orange are my favorites together.

  10. fabulous fabrics!!! i love theone from the peas and carrots line

  11. I'm not a green person, but lately I'm finding I really like some of the green combinations I've seen. For instance, your green with blue is spectacular and I recently stitched to comfort blocks in shades of bright green and purple, it was the recipient's favorite colors, and I really loved the way the two colors looked. Thanks for the inspiration to move outside of my comfort zone and try new things.

  12. I love the quilts....That color combinations are awesome..

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