Friday, August 7, 2009

Modern Linen Baby Quilt

I have quietly been working away to stock my Etsy Store with more of these popular baby quilts.

Baby Quilt measures 24.5 inches x 31 inches

I am really enjoying making these, from selecting the fabrics and the piecing, to the quilting and the binding. (I am still not a great fan of basting!). I must say it certainly does get easier each time you quilt your own quilt and you get to know your sewing machine.

The Back

The printed fabrics that I used for this baby quilt were scraps from the quilt that I made earlier this week, and include some fussy cut flower fabrics from Kaffe Fassett.

The solid fabric used here is the ever popular Handkerchief Linen, a blend of 55% cotton and 45% linen. This colorway is called Birch. I have also again used QuiltLite as a batting to ensure this baby quilt is suitable for Summer seasons and warmer climates.

I have now updated my Etsy Store to include this delightful baby quilt.

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  1. Those Kaffe fussy cut flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Another lovely quilt!

  2. KATE, you beat me again!!!
    But anyway, love this quilt.
    I love all your quilts.
    Andi :-)

  3. It's gorgeous! You've definitely inspired me to try linen in my quilts.

  4. Very pretty! I've had so many commissioned quilts and pressies to make for my two nieces that I haven't had time to stock my Etsy store :( Making me jealous! hehe Soon enough :)

  5. Am a novice in the qulting field. Pls let me know what you mean by fussy cut? It comes up frequently in blogs.



  6. Gorgeous. Boy would I love to be a fly on the wall and watch you churn out your quilts.

  7. I absolutely love these baby quilts! They're so bright and cheery and modern. I love seeing the fabrics you choose for each quilt.

  8. It's really pretty....I love the fabrics you used. The colors just pop with the lovely linen. I also adore your triplett baby quilts.

  9. I'm with Mystica...I'm a novice too and have no idea what "fussy cut" means....please enlighten us!:)

  10. I only just realised your an aussie girl too!! Can i ask where you get your linen from..i really wanna try adding this to my next quilt, but cant seem to find any locally...where do you order most of your fabric from!?!?

  11. I love these baby quilts and your Kaffe fussy cutting is perfect. Doesn't that big flower stand out so beautifully? xo

  12. Love the mix of linen and Kaffe - just beautiful!

  13. I love your fussy cut zinnias. They are so happy! I love the way you combine all different fabrics. I love the way you've incorporated linen in your recent quilts.

    Hmmm... I just read through that... I love, I love, I love... I tried to mix it up a bit but I guess I am loving your quilts this morning. :)

  14. hello,

    wath for wonderful quilt.
    i love it.

    greatings conny

  15. Love, Love the binding on this one! So great.

  16. i love everything about this quilt. love it.


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