Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Stash #7

There's some really cute Japanese fabric out there and I have come to the realisation that my stash is severely lacking in these.

These are both linen/cotton blend fabrics.

Both these fabrics were purchased locally at Amitie quite some time ago. Most of my fabric sources only sell cotton designer fabrics. Does anyone know of any great online stores that sell cute Japanese prints (not necessarily linen blend fabrics)?


  1. You have asked the right girl (love that riding hood print!).. here are some places I have bought my Japanese stuff from:


  2. I was just popping in to suggest etsy as well. There are lots of lovely Japanese prints on there.

    And don't forget Superbuzzy!

  3. I, too, love these linen fabrics - sooo cute!
    There are quite a lot on Etsy!
    Love checking on your blog, you're soo talented! A real inspiration to start quilting again! :D

  4. Definitelt etsy, superbuzzy, Reprodepot -, Fabric Tales -

  5. I love them too! I am so jealous! Thank goodness I'm going to Melbourne for a weekend and will finally get a chance to go to some decent shops.

  6. i think superbuzzy is the only one that i know of that has lots of japanese fabric.

  7. I add another vote for superbuzzy! I have bought from them many times.

    I have also bought from quite a few times as well and really like her shop as well.

  8. I've never bought from them but lots of people recommend Lucky Kaeru Fabric on Etsy:

    Plus many more sellers on Etsy sell these prints - they're great, aren't they?

  9. I used to buy at Leslie’s etsy shop calles alittlegoodness She is a Canadian girl who was living in Japan. She now refers to another etsy shop now, cause she’s gone back to Canada:

  10. I would say etsy sellers
    Matatabi and
    Karaku and
    There is also UK based online store

  11. here's a few Australian ones who have some

  12. Lots of great suggestions already! Here are a couple of specific ones on etsy:

    There are tons!

  13. I like purl soho,

    They have a terrific variety of adorable prints.

  14. Just found your blog and I loved looking at all your quilts. They are gorgeous you are very talented. I've just started trying to quilt myself and not having much luck with stippling I'm sticking to the straight quilting at the moment. I will be back to visit again. Take care Carol


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