Thursday, June 25, 2009

FMF Fabric Galore!

Oh wow! Look what came in the mail today (I think my heart may have skipped a beat!):

Not one, but two parcels of fabric. After my desperate plea last week for more Flea Market Fancy fabric by Denyse Schmidt, I was given some great leads of where I might find some right here in Australia. These two parcels arrived from interstate today and inside ...

These fabrics were sourced from Fred the Needle, Addicted to Fabric, Canberra, and Just Patchwork, Tuncurry, NSW (~very pricey~). My favorite here is the lime green Bouquet. I could finally breath a sigh of relieve when I found these parcels on my doorstep. (The anticipation - only a fellow fabric addict might understand)!

I am still enjoying my own block party. I have pieced the blocks together, added a border or two and it is now ready for the next stage. The batting is having a nice long soak in the bathtub (wish it was me), and I plan to make the backing tonight.

Here is a sneak peek! I wish it wasn't so hard to take a decent photo. I am a complete novice at taking photos and often need to take many shots for one ok photo. The winter sun/clouds only add to my light problems. And why is it that white fabrics look blue in my pictures? Any tips? All would be much appreciated.


  1. lighting is always a problem here too, I photoshop all of my photos that's how I solve any problems.

  2. I have the same problem since there is very little natural light in my house I have to go outside, but still cloudy.

    Can you manually set the white balance on your camera? I usually do that against a sheet of white paper before I photograph then adjust the levels in photoshop if needed.

    I like your pics anyway :)

  3. Can Understand Totally..LOL..Your fabrics are Gorgeous as is your Block Party Quilt...

  4. New quilt looks great.
    Photoshop is a gem for such matters!!
    Andi :-)

  5. I can't begin to tell you how tempted I have bee by your post...oh to get my hands on some FMF. Serious stash envy but I have really spent my quota in the last few weeks!

    The quilt is coming along beautifully...I with you, so hard to get a good shot but I think yours always look great!

  6. Ohh - lovely! I just cut into my jelly roll of Flea Market Fancy and am hoping I have done the right thing.

  7. That Lime Green Bouquet is to die for - as is your quilt. Can't wait to see more :-)

  8. I have stash envy too, I'm on a fabric diet so I must be strong. Tell us more about how you're making the square blocks!

  9. I always think your photos are wonderful - so to hear you have trouble kind of makes me happy! (sorry!)

    As for the excitement over FMF - I totally get it, how could you not get overexcited about that?

  10. Yep fellow fabric fan totally having kittens over here looking at that stash! Gorgeous Rita! And I cannot believe you are saying that quilt didn't photograph well - you mean it looks even BETTER in real life? I would probably faint if I saw it up close in that case - the colour combo's are just genius.

  11. Your photos are always very bright and colour-true!

    Your block-oarty quilt will be fabulous... and OMG for your FMF stash...!!!

  12. How can you go wrong with that fabric - pics are working if you ask me!

    But here's my general photography ten cents...
    I know very little about the inner workings of my camera (still haven't read the manual) but lots about Photoshop and generally correct colour balance and light there. I agree, winter makes things tricky. I am also known in this house for striking the most ridiculous poses in order to take shots from (hopefully) slightly interesting angles. A good zoom in on some detail always helps things from looking too same same as well, I think...

  13. I agree your photos are always great :-) I use iPhoto (mac) controls to increase exposure and lighten most of my photos and that always helps. The light recently has been difficult, especially as we've had so much rain and cloud here.
    I take lots of pics on a cramped corner counter in my kitchen because I like the light there best! I have a range of white card to put behind. Hope that helps :-)

  14. Oh my gosh...your squares are fabulous and what is it about white sashing that totally transforms the whole look?:) I think your pictures are great....colors very vivid and at least on my computer the white looks fine. My camera...a Canon Elph, came with a program called Zoombrower and you can fix the light levels with that and my daugther swears by Photoshop!:) And your new stash....I'm so jealous....I am just getting back to quilting and have enough fabric from way back around 1993 to make about 8 quilts so I can't buy anything new and fresh until I use up my "old fashion" calicos!:) I'm working on it!!!

  15. quilt is super cute... lighting can be a problem but don't beat yourself up.. you tend to take much better pictures than most people!

  16. Rita - your photos look great from here! And I mean that in all terms - color, content, fabric, and quilt!

    I've got a stack of Amy Butler squares ready to be framed with solids... and I love how you group them into blocks of 4 - I think I may have to try that out! And I adore the white sashing too! My WIP quilt also uses white sashing, and I love how it looks! Well done!

  17. That quilt is beautiful -- as all of your quilts are! You ALWAYS do a great job of taking pictures of them. As for the bluish white -- check the white balance setting on your camera and make sure it's set for the kind of situation you're shooting in (outdoors, incandescent light, etc.)

  18. What a WONDERFUL package to get!!!! I LOVE that line!!! Your new quilt looks FANTASTIC. You soak your batting?? I've never heard that before. What are the benefits?
    Lighting is always a problem for me so I'm not sure what to tell you. Your whites don't look blue. I think your pictures look good. I just LOVE your blog!

  19. the block party quilt is gorgeous...i can not wait for a full view....and what a treat to get all those flea market fancy fabrics. I know the thrill of getting the package.

  20. Truly beautiful! I love it!

  21. glad you found your fabric as i read on flickr you were looking for some

    quilt top is looking really good!

    i have trouble with turquoise looking blue so am useless with that part of it!

  22. LOL
    I'm also waiting for 3 parcels of fabric coming from 3 different on-line shop;D

  23. I'm curious too about soaking your batting. What kind of batting are you using and why are you soaking it?

  24. I think your photos are always lovely!

    Congratulations on being admired by the (wee) wonderful Hillary on her blog today!

    I know you haven't been blogging very long, but apparently I'm not the only one who is glad that you started!

    Oh and I have been meaning to ask you (and may as well now while I am sucking up), would you please, please write a post on how you baste your quilts? I think my basting leaves a lot to be desired, and you seem to get it right every time.


  25. Congrats on the FMF score! You have some lovelies there. I'm a fan of your blog, and love the inspiration I find here (I'm a new quilter.) Thank you so much for sharing!
    About the photos - do you ever edit your photos in Photoshop or another editing program? A quick adjustment in the levels, a slight color adjustment (to lessen the blueness) and a little boost of contrast and saturation can make a big difference. I have the same problems with indoor photos. I played with one of your photos and it didn't need much to make it look great. Email me, if I can help,
    thequiltingkind BLOGSPOT dot com
    momtwoangels (at) yahoo (dot) com

  26. Oh well done on finding the fabric. I'm new to quilting and only recently discovered Denyse's fabrics and yes they're impossible to find in Australia and nowhere near my Adelaide home. I've managed to score some Katie Jump Rope but will have to save up for any more! Have done some real damage to stash....increasing it that is!


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