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Scrappy Pineapple Block and Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

Last week and the weekend in stitches.
Scrappy Pineapple Quilt - a study in Kona Cottons
After working on the very modern Floating Squares quilt last week my new project could not be any more traditional. The Pineapple Quilt Block dates back to the 1930's and the possible design variations - in size, repeat, and color placement - are endless. The making of this quilt is inspired by Connie's Teeny Tiny Pineapple Project as featured on Bonnie Hunter's blog, simply because I admire the commitment and determination it takes to piece miniature blocks.  My blocks however are not so teeny tiny!

My Scrappy Pineapple Blocks are 7 inches x 7 inches finished and I have chosen to foundation paper piece for accuracy. I have drafted my own foundation pattern for the block using EQ7 - quilt design software - which really is easy to do once you have spent some time playing around with the program. My initial block color arrangement  ~

and then my EQ7 version of the quilt layout:

And so the paper piecing began. Cut, sew, press, trim - I found my sewing rhythm! Around and around it goes. 784 pieces. Up and down from the sewing machine to ironing board, to cutting board. Once I got the hang of it though I was able to sew up to four pieces at a time. The blocks were time consuming, taking more than an hour each to complete, and that is with fabric cut and ready to go.  (The above layout was only for general design purposes only; I did not follow the colors of this layout but instead allowed color placement to be completely random).

I have made the foundation paper piecing pattern for this block available as a PDF file - ready to download - from my Craftsy Pattern Store.  If you don't already have an Craftsy Account you will need to create one and this is free. The download is for a four page PDF file and includes:
  • 7 inch Scrappy Pineapple Block Foundation
  • A to scale size of the block in color to assist with fabric/color placement.
  • A full color layout of the quilt 
  • A black/white line drawing of 16 blocks which will allow you to color in and experiment with colors and color placement.
Print only page 1 of the pdf file to print multiple copies of the foundation pattern.

available download from: RPQ Craftsy Store.

The download pattern does NOT include any paper piecing or assembly instructions - general paper piecing knowledge is a prerequisite. These basic instructions will assist you in successfully completing this project:
  • The "pineapple" effect is created by alternating colored and white fabric (I have used numerous shades of "white' fabric including Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in ivory, snow, cream, and bone). Start in the center at number 1 with a colored fabric square and work you way around in sequence, alternating the colored and white fabrics.
  • Cut fabric pieces larger than required.  I cut long strips of fabric 1.5 inches wide and then cross cut the fabric strips as required. Cut a 2 inch square for the center of the block. Cut a 4.5 inch square and cut once diagonally for the corner triangles.
  • Reduce the length of your stitches. This will make removal of the foundation paper a breeze and keeps your seams intact after the paper has been removed. 
  • Don't remove your papers until after you have joined your blocks together.
  • Print your foundation pattern ACTUAL SIZE.  Do not reduce or scale to fit. 

Please don't be intimidated by this technique or the apparent complexity of this block. If you have tried the free Economy Block Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern you can do totally do this ~ the center of the Pineapple Block is the same, and as your work your way out from the center this block only gets easier.

I am ready for basting and quilting.

Happy Stitching!

Red Pepper Quilts Craftsy Pattern Store
Scrappy Pineapple Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern (pdf file)
More Red Pepper Quilts Patterns
The Finished Scrappy Pineapple Quilt

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  1. Wow!! This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I have followed your blog for some time now and I think this is right at the top of my favorites list of the quilts you have made. Stunning. Thank you for sharing the Paper piecing pattern.

  2. Thank you sharing the PDF and sewing instructions. I saw this on IG and was total gobsmacked by it. It is truly amazing!

  3. Thank you, Rita. It is so kind of you to share with all your happy readers!
    Love every single quilt you do, you are such a wonderful inspiration.

  4. You are generous and amazing Rita! Thank you! Your design and color is beautiful.

  5. This is absolutely lovely. The visual effect is stunning and your colours are fab... Probably my favourite so far...

  6. Thank you for donating the foundation pieces for this totally amazing quilt! i am in awe of your skill, and your quickness in producing projects!

  7. Wow this is so eye-catchingly stunning. Thanks for sharing the pattern template too.

  8. thankyou Rita. Love the random colours you have used here. I had my first attempt at a pineapple block the other day, not done the foundation way and it was not a success so this will be a great help

  9. That low volume block is a stroke of design genius. This should be in an art gallery. Wow!

  10. Your pineapple quilt is so very striking! I am in love and I can't wait to get started on my own! I agree that the low volume block adds the perfect touch to it all and makes the quilt even more intriguing. Thank you for the pattern; you, as always, are awesome!

  11. You've really outdone yourself with this one - it's amazing! I can't wIt to see how it will look all quilted.

  12. what a fantastic quilt - I love all the colours - thanks so much for sharing the pattern - I might have to give it a go !

  13. I love the pale block in the corner too - is that an homage to your recent modern quilts?

  14. how fabulous!! thank you for the free pattern!

  15. Incredible! I love this quilt ~ Fabulous work Rita.

  16. The pattern may be traditional but your choices of whites and colors make it absolutely contemporary. If you could see music in colors then this is what sixteen stereo speakers look like at full volume.

    I would not miss your blog; thank you for sharing so many photographs, techniques and fabrics!

  17. TKS , for the free pattern !!

  18. This one is an eye popper! Did you use a fat quarter bundle? and if so what collection?

  19. It is stunning! And so nice that you provide free patterns. Thanks.

  20. Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks so much for the pattern ~ I'm going to give this a try ~ love paper piecing!

  21. This is gorgeous! I wish I would have found it last year for my Simply Solids Bee on Flickr. That would have been amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Wow! So beautiful. So much colour and detail. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

  23. Simply stunning as usual. Amazing what you can do with solid colours.

  24. Wow! this is pretty spectacular. thanks for sharing

  25. I saw this somewhere just recently and wondered where I could get it! So generous! Thanks so much for the free pattern! x

  26. Love these Kaffe Fassett fabrics - out of my usual zone and I would love to make the pineapple quilt with them - wouldn't that be smashing!

  27. Thanks so much for sharing! This looks amazing!!

  28. This is gorgeous - I absolutely love the way you work with solids. And thank you so much for the free Craftsy pattern. Much appreciated.

  29. Offering this block pattern, all the additional sheets, and your notes on this Pineapple Quilt is so kind and generous. I've always thought the pineapple block was so neat and now I'll be able to try it out. 784!! pieces is definitely intimidating so I appreciate your encouragement. I'm swamped right now but it's on my "To Do" list. Thanks, Rita; you're fabulous!


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