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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Folks Baby Quilt

Last week a quilting and blogging friend welcomed a sweet baby girl into her family. Even though I know that this is one baby girl who will be surrounded by much handmade and quilted goodness, I figured a girl can never have too many quilts. 

My fabric of choice was Little Folks - Voile - by Anna Maria Horner.  This fabric is buttery soft and fly-away light weight, and therefore perfectly suited for little ones as well as being suitable for a warm/hot climate.

This design is a repeat of earlier Little Folks Quilts made in 2010 (see here and here), although this time I decided to omit the binding.  I have previously made quilts without binding using a "bagging out" technique by sandwiching the layers together, stitching around the outside edges, and then turning the quilt inside out through a gap left for this purpose.  (See detailed tutorial here:  A Quilt Without Binding).

I love the looks of these edges!  So sleek and modern, but also colorful when contrasted with the backing fabric.   I have used a 100% cotton batting, which is my standard batting of choice; it is a low loft, natural fiber, batting.

All of the images here are of the hand washed quilt (in a small tub with Soak Wash - a no-rinse gentle cleansing formula), and then tumble dried in a dryer on a normal setting.  I anxiously waited for the quilt to come out of the dryer however could not have been happier with the result:  the fabric stayed true to color (without color run) and a gentle crinkling of the quilt.  

Super light weight  - weighing in at less than 250 grams.

Happy Stitching indeed!  This baby quilt is now making it's way across the country, and ready for sweet baby dreams, baby cuddles, snuggling, even nappy changes ....

Welcome to the world baby Olive!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Zig Zag Baby Quilt

A friend is having a baby and what better gift that I can make than a baby quilt?

I have thoroughly enjoyed making this baby quilt; sitting down today to finish the piecing as well as quilt and bind it.  It isn't big -  24.5 inches x 28.5 inches - and is made entirely from fabrics salvaged from my scrap bin (except for backing and binding - which are from stash).  Even the batting is a scrap from a larger quilt.  It's truly satisfying to know that saving all those bits and pieces is worthwhile even if it is a messy task to search through the scrap bin!

This baby quilt is very much inspired by a pillow as seen in the book:  Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration by Malka Dubrawsky.  This is a wonderful resource if you're ever in need of  colorful inspiration!

Pictured below is a snippet of the Zig Zag Pillow from Malka's book.  I have adjusted the pattern to make up my own block size and number to make the baby quilt. 

Zig Zag Pillow by Malka Dubrawsky from the book Fresh Quilting
I particularly wanted to try out the zig zag quilting lines seen here and I have used a walking foot rather than free motion stitching to quilt the lines.  I love how it has turned out, and how the quilting lines have made the overall design more obvious.  Quilting a zig zag design is very manageable for a small project, any larger though and I would strongly suggest using free motion stitching to quilt the zig zag lines.

The yet to be born baby is a little boy and although I have used some floral and pink prints I do think this baby quilt is gender neutral.  The quilt backing is a solid fabric in yellow (which really accentuates the quilting lines!), and I have used a blue fabric with white polka dots for binding.

Ready for posting together with wishes of a safe and healthy arrival.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek

I thought I would give you a peek of what I have been working on this week.

Lots and lots of sewing, of course.

It is already a finished quilt and I am looking forward to showing you more.


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Galaxy of Stars

I have finished sewing together the star blocks that I have been working on all week. Those of you who have been following progress on this quilt will already know that this project was inspired by this picture of a quilt on Flickr, and although I have made the blocks according to my own math calculations and blocks size, the finished blocks were pretty much a copy of the original quilt.

To give this quilt an original touch and make it feel like I have added to the design, I have thrown a few extra Half Square Triangles into the strips of sashing that join the blocks together.  It has created another star effect at each intersection, and given the quilt a completely different and unique look.

This quilt is big, measuring 70 inches x 70 inches and proved difficult to capture a decent picture of in its entirety.

I am very happy with how easily the blocks came together, and love the end result.  This really was quite a major piecing project.  It has tested my new Bernina Aurora and I was very impressed with how well this sewing machine was able to handle some of the very bulky seams and intersections. Effortlessly!  So good!

It has been another great week and I am rather sad to say that the school holidays are nearly over.  No more sleeping in, lunch at 3 pm, and late nights.  Sigh...

Wordless Wednesday - Galaxy of Stars Quilt in Progress

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Linen Quilt Top

I have stitched together a very simple quilt top using some of the linen fabric purchased earlier this week. To help make it easier to sew with the linen fabrics, I did incorporate some cotton prints, and made sure that the cut linen pieces were handled carefully, and pieced together sooner rather than later. 

As you can see I have omitted the pink linen that I purchased together with the other linen fabrics. The pink was more of a lilac/pink than a red/pink, and I just wasn't able to make that color work in this quilt, nor did I have the correct pink color fabrics in my stash to match with it.  I will save it for another project. 

I have added a 7 inch wide border in the natural linen to this quilt to make a feature of the linen.  I hope that the quilting process will go according to plan also.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Dusty pinks, faded reds and soft browns have been the colors of choice the last few days, together with the occasional splash of blue and even yellow.

Pretty In Pink --
name taken from a comment on a previous post left by Brandy from Minivan Life

This baby quilt is made from rows of "bricks" measuring 3 inches x 9 inches including the seam allowances. It was pieced in rows, 18 rows in total, with the finished quilt measuring 38.5 inches x 44.5 inches.  Quite a large baby quilt suitable also for the "big bed" when the toddler graduates from their cot.

I have quilted this baby quilt with straight lines, outlining the horizontal seams, and also stitching through the horizontal center of each "brick".  The quilting has added a modern look, and was a breeze really.  Any quilting problems I have now seem to be due to rushing the basting process (which I still don't enjoy!), but I have definitely improved my skills.  I still use pins to baste, because if done well it does give me the best overall finish.

A few blog readers have asked about the pink bicycle fabric that I have used for this quilt.  It is a cotton print by Heather Ross called "Bicycles".  Unfortunately it is quite an old fabric, rare and much sought after.  This fabric is currently available at several Etsy stores, with the price reflecting just how much loved it is!

I am hoping to add the binding today, but have not as yet even chosen the fabric for it. School holidays have started and it is the most glorious Spring day here in Melbourne.  I am definitely going to catch some of these rays today!

Friday, September 18, 2009

No Excuses needed

Having this week finished a quilt that was on the "work in progress" list for way too long, I now feel entitled to start a new project.  Just something to go on with...

I never got around to putting away last Sunday's "Sunday Stash" fabrics, and the prints and colors have been ticking over in my mind. The fabrics posed on the sewing table and auditioned with others for the duration of the week, and the overall result is rather sweet.

 Sunday Stash #20

No excuses needed to start a new project.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Unfinished Quilts

Here is one I prepared earlier.  Yes, I do have plenty of unfinished quilt tops and work in progress that are demanding some attention. I do not feel burdened by unfinished quilts, but rather re-assured by that fact that there is always something that I can work on. It is better to remain positive about these things hey?  Who doesn't have unfinished quilts?

This quilt top is made using fabrics predominantly from Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut range.  The contrasting solid fabric is Kaufman Kona Cotton in White.  It was machine pieced in February this year before blogging.  It is such a pretty quilt top, and deserves to be finished.  I have pulled out my remaining stash of Fresh Cut fabrics and have started piecing the quilt backing.   Again a really simple quilt which allows the pretty fabrics to speak for themselves.

Spring has sprung in Melbourne, and we are enjoying a gorgeous Spring day with lovely sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, but it is oh so windy!  This is great for the washing, but not ideal for taking pictures of quilts!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just playing....

You know I absolutely had to play with my new Bernina yesterday, it had been calling me all weekend.

In many ways this machine is very similar to my Janome; the way it is threaded, the location of the buttons and the bobbin winder all function very similarly. It certainly does not feel like a complete stranger to me.

My first project on this machine was always going to be something small. I am still waiting for the custom made plastic insert that will surround the machine so that it can be lowered into my Horn Sewing Cabinet, thereby giving me a large flat workspace.

Confetti Baby Quilt
Quilt measures 24 inches x 24 inches

This little quilt, inspired by this image, was made yesterday. The top was pieced in the morning, and subsequently basted and quilted. It was pieced with the new machine, and after some initial bobbin hiccups it quilted like a dream! Truly, it made a huge difference to the ease of quilting, and the correct stitch definition and length was so much easier to maintain.

Crinkled washed and tumble dried texture.

This picture was taken with the early morning sun shining across the top of the quilt and shows the quilting design quite clearly. I quilted it with a squared off spiral starting in the center of the quilt, but deviating from the spiral just around two of the confetti blocks. I used a walking foot and just normal cotton thread that matches the top of the quilt.

The Confetti Baby Quilt/Stroller Blanket has been added to my Etsy Store together with the Jaffa quilt which I finished earlier this week.

It seems the Bernina and I are going to get along famously.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be Brave

If you will cast back your mind to last week you might recall that, amongst others, I pulled out these fabrics:

When I first started making quilts I would select fabrics for a quilt top from just one range or designer, which took the challenge (and difficulty) out of selecting fabrics, but generally guaranteed a quilt top that looked nice. I have since then tried to step out of this comfort zone, playing with fabrics, mixing ranges, designers, colors and textures. I have not always been successful at it, but I have become more confident and it does get easier.

The fabrics that I selected last week were based on color but the aim was also to make a quilt top with fabrics from various designers, prints, textures and styles.

(It was hard to get a good photo today as it is overcast and windy in Melbourne!)

I therefore chose fabrics from Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Valori Wells, Etsuko Furuya, Heather Ross, Mrs March 30's, Aunty Cookie, and added stripes, dots, toile, as well as texture with double gauze fabrics.

I have learned that although choosing fabrics is hard, you must not be afraid of throwing together colors and prints that you normally would not. This was the first time I have used a toile print in any of my quilts and actually really love the dainty drawings that add so much interest to the quilt.

Be brave and bold. Step outside your fabric comfort zone, you have nothing to lose.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lila's Quilt

Today I want to feature a quilt I made in March 2007. This is Lila's Quilt, made from reproduction prints and therefore somewhat out of my comfort zone in terms of color.

Lila's Quilt - 49" x 56" - March 2007

This quilt is pieced using just two templates.

The traditional name of this block is Kansas Dugout, but is also known as Lattice Block, Church Windows and Ogden Corners. The block first appeared in the 1930's and is often seen made in prints from that era.

Kansas Dugout - Martha Dellasega Gray, 2003
hand pieced, hand quilted 70″ x 80″

The fabrics I used are also predominantly reproduction prints, but also some stripes, ticking, and Liberty prints. Although these are not normally my fabrics of choice to work with, I really do love the overall tone of this quilt.

This quilt can be hand or machine pieced. I machine pieced and by the end of the quilt mastered those nasty Y-seams. They really are not as hard as you imagine them to be!

In an attempt to use the many scraps leftover from the quilt top I pieced the back of Lila's Quilt.

Lila's Quilt - the back

I pieced 9 blocks each measuring 13.5 inches, joined the blocks together with some sashing and added borders to ensure the backing was large enough. I pieced some of these blocks at random, and others using the Quick and Easy Block Tool as a guide.

Professionally machine quilted by:
Karen Terrens from Quilts on Bastings

I thoroughly enjoyed making this backing, and even got a little carried away with the intricate piecing. As a result this quilt is truly reversible!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pillowcase Baby Quilt

The finished product:

The finished quilt measures 25.5 inches x 30.5 inches. The quilt top was made from a standard size recycled pillowcase (with a 15 " square of fabric leftover), and 1/2 yard designer fabric.

I used a cotton/wool blend batting and quilted it again with straight lines for more emphasis on the simplicity of the block.

The back is pieced with some of the left over pillowcase fabric and another 1/2 yard of Kaffe Fassett Polka Dot fabric, this time in the colorway Sprout

To frame the quilt and in keeping with the pretty colors used in the quilt, I added a pink check binding.

This environmentally conscious baby quilt is now listed in my Etsy Store, be sure to check it out! Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pretty Thrifty

It is not often that I do "pretty", but I have enjoyed piecing this baby quilt top from the thrifted floral pillowcase that I purchased earlier in the week.

The pastel pink dot fabric is by Kaffe Fassett.

I am quilting it today. It feels as light as a feather after my last quilting episode!

I just wanted to sew something quick and easy after last week's Block Party effort. The search is also on for more vintage linens!