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Thursday, May 17, 2012


A little home truth today.  I can imagine that it must seem like I am super organized and work to a schedule; that I know from one week to the next what I am going to be working on.  Not so, I'm afraid.   My  quilt design decisions and color choices are usually "in the moment" and evolve while I am working on a quilt.

This new project began as a Katie Jump Rope Quilt selecting only the red, orange and yellow prints from this range.  Almost immediately I revisited my fabric stash and started adding a wider range of prints in a similar color palette. 
Choosing fabric is definitely my favorite part of the quilt making process.  I don't hesitate to combine fabrics/colors and it never ceases surprise me how readily multiple fabric collections mix together.
And then ... at the last moment I decided to use the Drunkard's Path templates that have been lying on my cutting table waiting for inspiration to strike. The three circles are machine pieced (in quarters) and add a little "Oh!" factor to this otherwise basic quilt design.

More soon,

Fabrics of note:
Elephants:  Mod Basics Organic by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics
Amy Butler - Lotus - Wall Flower in Cherry
Large Scale Polka Dot :: Riley Blake - Sugar & Spice - Sugar Polka Dot in Red

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Favorite Quilt

I am participating in Park City Girl's Blogger's Quilt Festival, and have had great difficulty choosing my favorite quilt. In the end I decided my favorite quilt is my "Spot On" Circle quilt. I made this quilt back in 2006 when I really had very limited sewing experience. I have largely taught myself to sew and quilt, so I knew this was going to be quite a challenge!

The pattern for this quilt is from the book "Quilts with a Spin" by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins. The pattern in the book is called "Everyday Best". I love this quilt, and as soon as I saw it in the book, I knew I had to make one. The instructions are really well written and comes with patterns for the arcs, although the arcs do require to be copied onto vellum paper, a major task in itself!

It probably took 18 months to collect enough spotty fabric to start making this quilt.

It is a foundation pieced quilt, with each individual full circle made from 12 arcs, and consisting of 108 pieces of fabric. I made nine full circles, so that is a mere 972 small patches of dotty fabric!

I tackled the making of this quilt one step at a time, not really knowing if I was going to have enough sewing experience to even do the next step. Once the quarter-circle arcs were made, they were joined together - no problem. Then a suitable background fabric had to be chosen. It was at this point that I was introduced to the Color Wheel. The background fabrics are also dotty fabrics, but were chosen to flow in the order of the colors on the color wheel. Adding background fabrics was probably the hardest part and I learned a lot having to sew curves! (I excel at sewing straight lines, however, curves are not a favorite.)

The quilt was professionally machine quilted by Karen Terrens of Quilts on Bastings on a long-arm quilting machine. It is quilted in concentric circles, each arc having two circles of quilting. The background fabrics are also quilted with concentric circles, just slightlyoverlapping with the circle quilting.

This quilt now spends a lot of time in my daughter's room (generally on the floor - she is a typical teenager!). This is the same daughter who exclaimed just last week that I never make a nice quilt for her!

It is such a bright, cheerful quilt, and a tribute to all the dotty fabrics out there!

Thank you for stopping by!

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