Friday, March 29, 2013

Contemporary Cloth Giveaway - Winner!

Thank you for all of your comments!  One lucky winner today:
Happy Stitching, Abby!  Abby has been notified by email.  

Thank you, Sondra!


  1. I am very confused as it is still Thursday where I am... It would not allow me to post a comment to enter today... and this posting says it is Friday and you have drawn a winner? If you are in a different part of the world, could you please put the deadline for entries in a form we can all relate to... thanks for the beautiful giveaway..hope Abby enjoys them

  2. Abby, Congratulations, I hope you make really fun pieces out of this great fabric.

  3. Thank you so much. I feel incredibly lucky and just a little spoilt. Now what to do with them. So many possibilities.

  4. Congratualtiosn to the winner.What beautiful fabrics.


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