Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Queensland Flood Appeal Auction ~ The Colorstory Quilt ~ has now finished. Thank you for all your wonderful bidding, not just on this auction but on all of the auctions and raffles!

The highest bidder for the Colorstory Quilt left the following comment:
fox and dog designs said...
My street was flooded in Graceville. I was very lucky, most of my neighbours were not. I'd like to bid $475 
Thank you for your generous bid!  Unfortunately Fox and Dog Designs has not left any contact details and as the Auction finished several days ago already,  I am asking Fox and Dog Designs from Brisbane, Queensland to please contact me within the next 24 hours.  After this time the winning bid will revert to the next highest bidder. 

If you weren't lucky enough to win one of the fabulous auctions, you can now try your luck on some raffles. 

 A list of current raffles can be found here.

All raffles finish Wednesday 26 January 2011.


On the home sewing front the Charming Triangles Quilt is progressing nicely, and I hope to have a little more to show than this teaser by tomorrow.

Charming Triangles ~ WIP

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  1. What a big-hearted person, to want to contribute BECAUSE she had survived so well.
    God bless her and all of you who contributed time, money, and quilts for this cause.

  2. Whoever ends up with that quilt will enjoy it immensely.

    And Rita, your teasers are kinda cruel...just sayin'

  3. I absolutely love red & white, that looks so devine!

  4. I love two color quilts. Can't wait to see this one done. Again, you are the master of triangles!

  5. How exciting, that is a large bid. I love the rainbow quilt. I like two-tone quilts also.

  6. Happy Birthday today RITA!!


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